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DMD, Direct Mobile Dentistry, is dedicated to providing comprehensive quality geriatric dental care to residents in long-term care, independent and assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and home-bound individuals.

Dr. Cohen’s traditional practice is located in Marietta, Georgia.  Since 1994, Dr. Cohen has served the greater Atlanta area, providing patients with the most up-to-date treatments.  He has continued to study and expand his horizons to include increasing attention to elderly patients and their in-house needs.  Following graduation from Boston University School of Dental Medicine, Dr. Cohen completed his residency at the University of Mississippi Medical Center.  His studies have continued on a regular basis to enable him to provide excellent dental services in a wide variety of areas, especially where services are needed for the elderly.  Dr. Cohen and his staff are currently caring for the dental health of many senior communities and nursing homes in the Atlanta area.

DMD, Direct Mobile Dentistry, understands the special needs of seniors.  We realize the importance of increasing accessibility to basic dental services for older adults.  Together we can work towards maintaining the high standards of care to which your senior living community is committed and ensuring that your facility is able to meet the standards of care deserved by everyone. 

We are dedicated to preventing poor oral health among seniors.  We realize that changes associated with aging present challenges to maintaining an oral health program.  To a senior faced with physical limitations, a simple trip to the dentist can become a frustrating and exhausting ordeal.  Our goal is to work together with residents, family members and their facility staff to create a safe, accessible and quality environment for good oral health.

The population of seniors is increasing and older adults are retaining their teeth.  These two facts are significant reasons why over 50% of the population of nursing homes have their own teeth.  It is reasonable to assume that people who have their own teeth have taken care of them during their lifetime, or they would not have their teeth now.  It is important that our patients continue with good dental care as they have in the past. 

Preventative oral health services and health promotion initiatives have been primarily directed towards the young.  However, dental researchers  have disclosed that the overall dental health status of older adults is a barometer of general health problems.  Dental and oral health problems are a leading cause of discomfort.  Periodontal disease harbors bacteria that can threaten the quality of life and cause serious infection.

Those patients who do not have their teeth should have their tissues supporting their dentures examined for infection and their dentures examined for fit and cleanliness.  Dentures should be checked once a year and replaced every seven to ten years.  This will contribute to the quality of seniors’ lives by ensuring that they enjoy their meals and are able to chew their food properly. 

Without leaving the comfort of your facility or home, you will receive the following services:

Oral Examinations
New Partials
Partial Repair
Fluoride Treatment 

New Dentures
Treatment Planning
Denture Repair

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